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POSTED February 20, 2018

Skyjack launches new mobile game to reinforce load capacity guidelines 

February 21, 2018; Guelph, Ontario – Linamar Corporation’s (TSX:LNR) Skyjack division is leveraging gaming technology to educate and raise awareness around load capacity and safety with their first mobile game, CAPACITIES. Launching February 20th, the game combines interactive fun that requires players to divert falling balls from overloading Skyjack mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs).

“We hope this mobile game will bring fun to all existing and potential Skyjack fans of all ages. More importantly, by digitizing MEWPs and showing the consequences of overloading their respective capacities, we’re educating people about safe loading practices in an innovative way,” said Brad Boehler, president, Skyjack.

The game’s name is a play-on-words. In addition to incorporating the machines’ rated load capacities, each level is located in a different country where Skyjack currently has sales offices. The levels, from the easiest to the most difficult, are: Toronto, London, Paris, Chicago, Cologne, Shanghai, Sydney, Rio, and New York.

Each level should last about 60 seconds, during which balls of different colors, sizes and “weight” drop from the top randomly. The larger the ball, the heavier it will weigh in the platform. To avoid overloading the machine, users can swipe the clouds side-to-side to bounce the balls back into the air.

A scale at the top changes from green to yellow as the Skyjack lift reaches closer to its maximum capacity. The sign turns red when the machine is overloaded and its capacity is reached. Users advance to the next level when they avoid overloading the equipment during the level’s allotted time.

This game is set to help illustrate the importance of knowing how much weight operators can put into the platform, while highlighting the different ratings from one machine to the next, according to Corey Connolly, product manager, Skyjack.

“It is important for operators to know what the rated capacity is for any machine that they are operating,” said Connolly. “Especially with the upcoming changes to ANSI/CSA standards in North America, it will be imperative that operators understand how much weight they are putting on the platform. To meet the new standards, most models will come equipped with load sensing devices that will restrict machine operation if they are over capacity. This is a good way to reinforce our message”

Several of Skyjack’s best-selling MEWPs are featured in the game, including:

  • The SJ12 vertical mast, which has a maximum load capacity of 500 lbs (227 kg);
  • The SJIII 3219 scissor lift, which has a maximum load capacity of 550 lbs (249 kg);
  • The SJ86 T telescopic boom lift, which has a maximum load capacity of 750 lbs (341 kg);
  • The SJ6832 RT scissor lift, which has a maximum load capacity of 1,000 lbs (454 kg)
  • The SJ9250 RT scissor lift, which has a maximum load capacity of 1,500 lbs (680 kg)

CAPACITIES is available in English and ready to download on both iOS and Android devices. The first 200 users to beat the game will receive a limited edition CAPACITIES hat. Skyjack is also sending out gifts to the top 200 people as they advance and share their progress on the mobile game. More details will be released on Skyjack’s FacebookInstagram and Twitter feeds.


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