The guardrail system is the primary fall protection system of the MEWP platform.
If personal fall-protection equipment (PFPE) is required, by an employer or the authority having jurisdiction, Skyjack recommends the use of a full body harness with a lanyard. PFPE must be attached only to approved fall-protection anchorage points in the platform.

All PFPE must be compliant with applicable government rules and must be inspected as per the manufacturer’s recommendation.

If used, all personal fall protection equipment must be attached only to approved anchorage points within the platform of the MEWP.

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Locally Concentrated Pressure (LCP) – is a measure of how hard the MEWP tire tread presses on the area in direct contact with the floor. The floor covering (tile, carpet, etc.) must be able to withstand more than this value.

Overall Uniform Pressure (OUP) – is a measure of the average load the MEWP imparts on the whole surface projected directly underneath it. The structure of the operating surface (beams, etc.) must be able to withstand more than this value.

Floor loading information can be found in the operating manual for the particular machine you are using.

Vertical Masts can be lifted with a forklift from the sides. Lift with forks in designated forklift lifting locations as illustrated in the Operating Manual.

DC Electric Scissor Lifts can be lifted with a forklift from the sides but Skyjack does not recommend this use. Lift with forks in designated pockets as illustrated in the Operating Manual.

Refer to the Platform Capacity labels located on the entrance side and toe board on the front of the MEWP for rated wind speed. Note: Skyjack-approved attachments or modifications may alter the wind rating and platform capacity.

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Materials can be transferred to or from the platform of a scissor lift provided that all guard rails remain in place and the Platform Capacities are not exceeded at any time. Platform Capacities include the: Maximum Rated Work Load, Maximum Manual Horizontal Force and Maximum Wind Speed. Personnel performing the transfer shall take into account all loads that may affect stability or overload the machine. Personnel performing the transfer shall plan the task prior to start the transfer of materials to/from the platform.

Skyjack boom lifts and telehandlers should be stored with the platform or carriage in the lowest possible configuration. Where this is not practical, Skyjack booms and telehandlers may be stored with the main boom in the raised position, provided the following conditions are met;

  • The unit must be in a fully serviceable condition with a fully functioning hydraulic system complete with functioning load holder valves for each cylinder.
  • The platform or carriage must not be loaded.
  • The boom shall not be stored in elevated position during windy, gusty or severe weather conditions.
  • For boom lifts, the wind speed rating indicated in the Maximum Capacities label and the Operating Manual for the specific model and serial number must not be exceeded.
  • The boom lift platform must be empty with no items attached to the railings and/or the telehandler carriage must not have any objects that may increase the wind profile of the raised unit.
  • All telescoping boom sections must be fully retracted.
  • All riser booms must be fully retracted.
  • Units should not be operated or stored near electrical conductors.

An appropriate risk assessment regarding the equipment to be stored and specific to the site on which it is being stored should be undertaken by the owner or custodian of the equipment.

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