This quick reference page is to help raise awareness about common safety issues that may arise while operating a MEWP. Where available, click on the corresponding reference document to learn more. This list is for quick reference only and is not exhaustive. Refer to your unit’s operating manual for detailed safe use instructions.

Operator Responsibilities

Electrocution Hazard

Maintain Minimum Safe Approach Distance (MSAD) while working in the area of energized conductors.

Ropes, Cable, hoses - Entanglement

Avoid entanglement with ropes, cords, cables or hoses.

Snagged Platform.

If the work platform becomes snagged, all operator and occupants need to be removed from the work platform freeing it using ground controls.

Standing, sitting or climbing on the guardrail

Don't place materials on the guardrails or have materials that exceed the confines of the guardrails unless approved by manufacturer.

Load distribution

Comply with load distribution in accordance with the manufacturers requirement on MEWP and extending structures.

Platform capacity

Don't exceed the rated capacity of the platform. Distribute load evenly.

Firm footing inside the platform

Maintain firm footing on the platform floor. Climbing on the toe board, midrail or toprail is prohibited.

Reaching additional height from platform by using ladder, scaffoldings, planks or unsafe physical posture

The use of planks, ladders, or any other devices on the platform for achieving additional height or reach is prohibited.

MEWP as Crane

MEWPs should not be used as crane unless specific approval provided by manufacturer.

Climbing on Extended Structure

Do not climb on the MEWP extending structure.

Fall protection

Operators and occupants shall comply with the instructions provided by manufacturer regarding personal fall protection/fall restraint/arrest device.

Stunt Driving

Don't engage in stunt driving, horseplay and reckless operation.

Exit/Enter at MEWP at height

Only exit (or enter) a MEWP at height following a procedure provided by the manufacturer or qualified person.

Staying within guardrail boundary / Staying in right spot

Don’t lean on or over the guardrails/control panel and stay within the working platform.

MEWP as Jack

Don't use MEWP as a jack, prop or a tie to support itself, other structures, or machines, unless with written approval from Manufacturer.

Banners/increasing lateral surface area

Avoid tenting. Don't increase the lateral surface area of the platform. Increasing area exposed to the wind will decrease MEWP stability.

Unsafe loading/unloading

Requires understanding the roles and responsibilities of different parties to complete the task safely.

Injuries due to Trapping/Crushing/Obstruction

Follow best practices to minimize Trapping/Crushing risk.



Ensure guardrails are installed and access gates or openings are closed or in appropriate positions per manufacturer’s instructions.

Worn, damaged, leaking, missing, loose, deteriorated equipment/components

Don't operate if MEWP is not working properly or if any parts are damaged or worn. Inspect/maintain as per manufacturer requirements.

Improperly inflated/damaged tires/wheels

Don't operate if MEWP is not working properly or if any parts are damaged or worn. Inspect/maintain as per manufacturer requirements.

Loose lug nuts on tires

Don't operate if MEWP is not working properly or if any parts are damaged or worn. Inspect/maintain as per manufacturer requirements.

Environmental Factors

Weather Consideration (Wind, thunderstorm, ice, fog etc.)

Perform a thorough assessment of weather conditions before operating MEWPs.

Slope and Grade

Don’t Elevate or drive elevated on a slope.

Supporting surface/Ground conditions

Assess the ground condition before using machines. Elevate or drive elevated only on a firm, level surface.

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