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Technicians are asked to perform a variety of tasks on a wide range of equipment. Whether it is a simple repair at a wire connection or a major component overhaul, two of the essentials needed to successfully accomplish the job at hand are proper tools and correct information. The technician’s goal is to correctly diagnose and repair the problem in the least amount of time. Technicians invest to ensure that they have a tool box with all the necessary tools to complete any job safely and correctly. Wrenches, socket sets, screwdrivers, and volt meters - the list goes on.

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You may have seen the optional ‘positive air shutoff valve’ for diesel engine equipped machines on one of your Skyjack models. This valve is a device that cuts the air supply to the engine to ensure the engine RPM’s do not over speed when it is being operated in a fuel charged atmosphere (some models also cut the power to the fuel pump). There are work site situations, such as mining, where the atmosphere can possibly contain natural gas, leaking propane, or other gases that a diesel engine can use as fuel.

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This month we have 3 small items that are important to remember when troubleshooting your Skyjack Aerial Work Platform. 1. When testing electrical circuits on Skyjack aerial equipment... 2. When working on any Skyjack scissor lift, the serial number plate is a source of valuable information.... 3. When you are troubleshooting a problem on any equipment, it is always best to test ALL functions before trying to determine the exact problem....

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The new Deutz 2.9L tier 4 engines utilize a common rail fuel injection system. Gone are the familiar lift pump and injector pump arrangement. These engines use an electric fuel pump to deliver fuel through the filter to the high pressure fuel pump. The pump is mounted near the fuel tank near the replaceable cartridge fuel filter.

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All the latest Skyjack boomlift models utilize a function control module called the OCM – On-board Control Module, or the newer version; the SCM – Skyjack Control Module which are located in the platform control console. The OCM/SCM has a two line LCD display and a membrane keypad that allows the technician to access the programming without the need for a separate plug-in calibrator. Once the programming is accessed, the technician can monitor function status and make adjustments to function speeds similar to adjusting the trim potentiometers on a joystick circuit card.

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When working with the A.C. power cords for the power to platform and the battery charger replacement cords, the wire colors for U.S./CA (North America) power cords may differ from U.K./Australia wire colors. The U.S./CA follow the NEC standardized colors. The U.K./Australia wiring uses the IEC standardized colors. The table below shows the corresponding colors for the NEC and IEC wire identification.

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The Skyjack SJ12 and SJ16 model vertical mast lifts share many characteristics of the SJIII Compact and Conventional scissor lifts. One feature is the ability to remove the platform control box from the machine. This allows the operator to prevent unauthorized use of the machine or allows a technician to swap in a different control box if the control box becomes damaged or for troubleshooting. The connector contacts use a male and female pin and socket arrangement.

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It is recommended that all aerial work platforms be inspected prior to being sold, leased, or rented. Completing the Pre-delivery Inspection, or PDI ensures that the machine has been tested and inspected for proper and safe operation prior to being put into service, and that the unit has no worn or missing parts and is not damaged. Skyjack furnishes forms to assist in the completion the PDI inspection.

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The joystick controllers used on the Skyjack telescoping (40/45 T & 61/66 T) and the articulating (46/51 AJ & 63 AJ) boom lift models all operate similarly. Whether it is a single or dual function joystick, testing and troubleshooting steps are the same. When the joystick is powered, it shows a neutral signal to the On-board Control Module or OCM. This neutral signal is between 4.2 and 4.8 volts. As the joystick is moved in any direction, this signal changes by either rising toward 8.5 volts maximum, or dropping to .5 volts minimum.

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When troubleshooting Skyjack electric scissor lifts, it is useful to be aware of two manually operated valves that can cause operation issues and which may be overlooked. These should be the first items checked when experiencing the symptoms described below. Symptom: The platform lifts slowly and seems to have a heavy load on the platform. The pump motor strains as if the batteries are low on charge. First thing to check: Take a look at the lift cylinder holding valves. These are the valves that are opened when using the emergency platform lowering....

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