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POSTED November 25, 2016

Skyjack takes pride of place at Roggermaier

Skyjack is taking pride of place at one of Germany’s biggest rental companies, as an SJIII 3226 DC electric scissor goes on permanent display in the glass-fronted headquarters of Roggermaier. The display celebrates a new order as Skyjack machines form the majority of Roggermaier’s fleet.

“Skyjack is a really important part of our business as it is the manufacturer with the highest number of machines in our fleet,” said company director, Roman Roggermaier. “We have a range of equipment to offer, but in terms of electric and diesel scissors, Skyjack is the main supplier and so we display one of their machines prominently for our customers to see when they visit.”

Roggermaier was established in 1983 and is based near Munich in southern Germany. The family-run organisation is one of the biggest rental companies in the country, with more than 1,800 machines in its fleet. It supplies customers across a variety of industries including construction, energy, automotive, airline, sport, telecommunications, governmental authorities, trade shows, events organization and the movie industry.

Large fleet for many uses

Over the past 25 years, the company has purchased hundreds of lifts from Skyjack – mainly electric scissor lifts SJIII 3220, SJIII 3226 and SJIII 4626 models; an increasing number of diesel-powered rough terrain scissors SJ6826 RT and SJ6832 RT; and telescopic booms SJ45 T and SJ66 T.

Customers often use the lifts to fit out interior facilities on construction sites, maintain buildings and large equipment such as airplanes, and to serve as platforms for lighting rigs and camera crew on films and public events.

“Skyjack has been a partner to Roggermaier for a quarter of a century,” said Roggermaier. “Their machines have proven their reliability, based on sturdy designs and high-quality components, and they are very easy to handle.”

Due to the close relationship between the two companies, Roggermaier’s technical department has also gained a good level of expert knowledge over the years.

“Skyjack’s provision of service and support is a factor in reducing downtime of the machines to an absolute minimum,” he said. “And the excellent availability of spare parts is another key factor for us choosing to keep ordering their products.”

Latest models offer modern solutions

So far this year, Roggermaier has taken delivery of more than two dozen Skyjack machines – SJIII 3220 DC electric scissors, SJ6826 RT and SJ6832 RT rough terrain scissors.

“We always want to be able to offer the latest models to our customers and keep the average age of our rental fleet low,” said Roggermaier. “Besides the reliability of Skyjack machines, our customers particularly like the clear technology and set-up as well as their user-friendliness with the color-coded wiring.”

Skyjack’s SJIII 3220 DC electric scissor has a working height of 26.6 ft (8.1 m), an overall length of 7.6 ft (2.3 m), and a capacity of 900 lbs (408 kg). A 3 ft (0.9 m) roll-out extension deck increases the available work area, and non-marking tires make it suitable for operating on polished flooring.

The SJ6826 RT and SJ6832 RT models are the most compact of Skyjack’s rough terrain scissor series. They have a working height of 32.5 ft (9.92 m) and 38.5 ft (11.75 m), respectively, and both have a 5 ft (1.5 m) roll-out extension deck. Overall capacity for the SJ6826 RT is 1,250 lbs (567 kg), while the SJ6832 RT can carry 1,001 lbs (454 kg). The 4WD rough terrain scissors are both equipped with standard auto-levelling outriggers for enhanced stability on uneven ground.

All Skyjack’s machines are fitted with its SKYCODED™ color-coded and numbered wiring system for ease of maintenance.

“Roggermaier has been a valued customer of ours for a long time, and we’re pleased that they continue to invest in the latest models,” said Malcolm Early, Skyjack’s vice president, marketing. “Displaying our SJIII 3226 DC electric scissor in the glass frontage of their headquarters is a really eye-catching way to show their customers that they place great importance on our machines and that we are a company they want to do business with.”

Photo: Skyjack’s SJIII 3226 DC electric scissor takes pride of place at Roggermaier’s headquarters in Munich, Germany.


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