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Material Handling Made Simply Reliable

POSTED May 12, 2021

May 12, 2021; Guelph, Ontario – Linamar Corporation’s (TSX:LNR) Skyjack division has just updated a number of design features on its TH Series telehandlers. Initially launched in 2015, Skyjack offers six models within core classes of telehandlers throughout North America. The new changes are a direct result of customer and operator feedback and will be rolling onto rental yards in Q3 2021.

“While we’ve made one-off changes to our TH Series throughout the years, these are the first significant design changes that we have done since launching,” explains Kurt Atchison, director of product management at Skyjack. “We have increased the return on our customer’s investment by improving reliability, and serviceability.”

Core changes to Skyjack’s TH Series include:

  • Tilt compensation cylinder configuration has been updated to utilize a dual cylinder setup, to better distribute the load and improve reliability,
  • High-pressure filter has been added to the hydraulic system to compliment the oil return filter and further reduce the risk of contamination,
  • Main boom pivot bearings have been updated to greaseless bearings, removing the need for end users to grease and maintain on job sites,
  • Steel engine cowling are highly durable for better on-site protection, while also requiring less repairs.

“By incorporating greaseless bearings, and a high-pressure filter, we’ve reduced the amount of maintenance required by end users” Atchison continues. “These changes have a direct and positive impact on our customers’ overall cost of ownership as they increase the longevity of the equipment.”

The TH Series will continue to employ trademarks Skyjack telehandlers are known for like SMARTORQUE™ technology that’s engineered to require no DPF, no DEF, and no active exhaust aftertreatment, FLEXCAB™ design so operators can easily transition from open to enclosed cabs, yoke-mounted lifting READYHOOK™, and industry leading Rear Axle Stabilization (RAS) system, which increases stability and provides job site flexibility with 3-mode operation.

“Our whole philosophy at Skyjack is that we provide machine features that combine durability, quality, and serviceability, and that’s especially important with telehandlers that are typically the first machines on a job site, and the last ones off,” says Matt Lyons, vice president of sales in North America at Skyjack. “By improving these areas and removing certain maintenance responsibilities from end users, we’re putting control of the machine’s longevity and performance back into the hands of the rental company.”

Skyjack’s full TH Series has lifting capabilities from 5K to 12K and consists of the SJ519 TH, SJ643 TH, SJ843 TH, SJ1044 TH, SJ1056 TH, and SJ1256 THS. Watch this video for full details on Skyjack’s newly refreshed TH Series:


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