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Safety Stand Down 2021

POSTED May 03, 2021

May 3, 2021; Guelph, Ontario –  Linamar Corporation’s (TSX:LNR) Skyjack division actively promotes safety within the access industry and has been a strong supporter of organizations like IPAF for a number of years. Through educational materials, social media outreaches, and technological advancements, the industry leader is passionate about safe use for MEWPs.

“While we’ve been one of the leading manufacturers supporting safety initiatives for years, we also made a formal commitment back in 2018 when we published our white paper that outlines the steps we take to promote safety for everyone,” says Ian McGregor, director of engineering at Skyjack. “Since publishing that paper nearly three years ago, we’ve made more advancements from a technology standpoint that help promote safe use – most notably ELEVATE Live”.

Part of Skyjack’s digital product suite, ELEVATE Live brings interactive pre-use inspection lists and familiarization materials to jobsites through a simple QR code. No apps to install, no login credentials to remember, just point and click. Though this innovation, operators now have all essential information about the machine they’re using right at their fingertips.

“A large part of jobsite safety is education and ensuring operators, supervisors, and general contractors know what safe use looks like,” McGregor explains. “Safety is everyone’s responsibility, and creating a safety strategy that touches everyone within the rental ecosystem continues to be a key goal for us at Skyjack. We’re keeping what’s worked well and evolving how we get our message out to help people meet their requirements as outlined in the new ANSI A92.22 safe use and A92.24 training standards.”

When the new ANSI standards were coming into effect in North America, Skyjack created an online resource page to help end users and operators understand their new responsibilities. The resource page,, includes information tailored to both rental companies and end users and includes print-ready resource guides.


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