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Skyjack launches RAPIDFOLD to enhance the lightest wind rated full height 19 ft scissor lift in the industry

POSTED July 28, 2020

July 28th, 2020; Guelph, Ontario – Linamar Corporation’s (TSX:LNR) Skyjack division has announced its SJ3219 ANSI model is now supplied with RAPIDFOLD as standard. The new system allows the top of the platform rails to quickly fold down and enable access through standard doors and other areas with restricted space.

With the introduction of ANSI 92.20, the requirement for additional rail height, when applied to SJ3219 scissor lift designs, meant that the machines would no longer fit through a standard 80” door or entryway. The addition of Skyjack’s RAPIDFOLD restores the ability to fit through doors with ease.

The rails feature a quick release mechanism that takes only seconds to fold the rails to under 80”. Once through the door, the rails can be raised back to the required rail height. The system features simple and easy components that a single operator can use, with no need for tools. The whole process takes a matter of seconds allowing uninterrupted work.

“RAPIDFOLD is both quick and easy to use, but more importantly it means that we have not had to employ expensive systems that would have impacted customers at a price level and led to compromises in other performance areas,” explains Kris Schmidt, product manager at Skyjack. “I am happy to say that this means the Skyjack SJ3219 model is the lightest scissor lift on the market that’s wind rated to full height for one person, still maintains a two person no wind rating, and is capable of going through a standard door.”

RAPIDFOLD joins a host of new features on Skyjack’s new SJ3219, including:

  • New SKYCODED™ control system provides on-board diagnostics, simplified troubleshooting
  • New single location, single step, valve actuation emergency lowering
  • Newly redesigned pothole protection system
  • New CAN bus capable smart charger
  • New impact resistant control box with integrated shroud
  • New ECOTRAY leak containment option


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