USB Software Update

You can find the latest update to your USB below.

1. The USB has an auto-update feature every 30 days. 
2. The AutoUpdateUSB program fails to pull files from the FTP server. 
3. The customers may get the error message below when updating their USB. 

  1. Click the “Download EXE file” button below to download a copy of the AutoUpdateUSB.exe file to your computer.
  2. Plug in a Skyjack USB (167847AA) to your laptop
  3. Navigate to the Skyjack USB Drive.
  4. Open the UpdateUSB folder.
  5. Delete the existing AutoUpdateUSB (Applicationtype) file from the UpdateUSB folder.

WARNING: Do not delete the AutoUpdateUSB.exe.config (XML Configuration type) file. This will cause the Auto-update function of the USB to stop working.

  1. Copy the new version of the AutoUpdateUSB.exe file from your computer to the UpdateUSB folder in your USB.
  2. Go to the root USB folder.
  3. If your USB has the updated.txt, delete that first to force an update on the USB.
  4. Run SkyjackManualSystem.exe

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