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POSTED March 05, 2015

Skyjack debuted the largest telescopic booms in its current range at The American Rental Show in New Orleans, La.

The new additions—SJ86 T and SJ82 T—expand Skyjack’s telescopic boom range and have competitive working heights and horizontal reach with industry-leading high capacity zones. The new models are the latest in a line of boom products Skyjack has brought to market in recent years. While it is far from the last boom lift the company will introduce, it represents a milestone as a “much asked for” addition by Skyjack’s customers. The new models help meet increasing customer demand in the rental industry with its higher capacity and greater reach.

Two models will be available in North America: SJ82 T and SJ86 T.

  • The SJ82 T telescopic boom without jib features a working height of 88 ft (26.82 m) and horizontal outreach of 72 ft 6 in (22.1 m).
  • The SJ86 T telescopic boom with jib features a working height of 92 ft (28.04 m) and horizontal outreach of 76 ft 10 in (23.42 m). The jib has a range of motion from +65 degrees to -60 degree and features optimized designs that improve its strength.

Dual-capacity ratings

Impressive platform capacity and dual-capacity ratings makes the SJ82 T and SJ86 T a great addition to any fleet. Both models feature a 36 in by 96 in (0.91 m x 2.44 m) platform and have an unrestricted platform capacity of 500 lbs (227 kg). Restricted platform capacity on the SJ82 T is 1000 lbs (454 kg), while on the SJ86 T it is 750 lbs (341 kg). The default on both models is restricted capacity. Lights on the control boxes on the base and platform indicate which zone operator can be in. Once the platform reaches the restricted area, the amber light flashes to notify the operator they have reached the limit of the restricted area. The operator then must switch the toggle to the restricted capacity before moving into that zone.

Durable design

Like other Skyjack units, the new telescopic booms are designed to offer low life-cycle costs and great return on investment by using shared components with other Skyjack models. For example, the axles, relay-based control system, fiberglass cowlings and modular platform railings are the same on the new telescopic boom as on other Skyjack machines.

Skyjack customers say commonality of Skyjack parts allow them to carry smaller inventory of parts both in the shop as well as onsite. Customers also appreciate the commonality of electrical components that allow an easier troubleshooting which means shorter down time both in the shop and on a job site.

All Skyjack machines are designed around the company’s Simply Reliable philosophy. Trouble shooting and maintenance is made easy through the use of the company’s color-coded and numbered wiring system - SKYCODED. Repairs are also cost effective due to the use of “off the shelf” components as opposed to custom designs. Plus using an analog-based control system allows Skyjack AWPs to operate using a simplified system with less expensive components – less maintenance and lower costs.

Unique to Skyjack

Other features unique to Skyjack include:

Skyjack’s mechanical “axle based” drive system gives positive traction and excellent rough ground “terrain-ability’. This is achieved using an automatic locking differential on the back axle and non spin and limited slip front differential on the front axle. This means machines can climb grades of up to 45% in the case of the SJ82 T and SJ86 T. This industry leading terrain capability means one can use the Skyjack Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts and Boom Lifts in the most challenging of conditions.

Unique boom feature only utilized by Skyjack which means the Boom Lift controls are always in the orientation of the operator regardless of position of turret over chassis. Reduces operator confusion by eliminating the need for color coded arrows to determine drive versus joystick direction.

At the heart of every Skyjack machine, proven and simplistic control systems using Skyjack’s color coded and numbered wiring system make our machines the easiest to trouble shoot and repair. For example, black #14 is for the lift function on a SJIII 3219, and it is lift on a SJ63 AJ. Using an analog based control system allows Skyjack AWPs to operate using a simplified system with fewer less expensive components – less maintenance and lower costs.

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