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Skyjack’s Rental Customers

POSTED April 01, 2017

Potential Release Ideas

Some of the benefits of being included in a press release include:

  • Name appears in the media, which in turn can improve company search ranking and send traffic
  • The more exposure, the greater chance of gaining customers
  • Media coverage is important because it earns the kind of credibility that advertising just can’t buy

Needed Information
In order to start the process of drafting a press release, it is important that the following information is provided from rental customers:

  • Basic company background (Industry, job functions, purpose)
  • Why this is news
  • Where it’s taking place
  • When it’s taking place
  • Who is involved
  • What is the Skyjack equipment being used
  • Name of people involved
  • Contact Information

Drafting Process
Drafting releases can take several hours, depending on the amount of information available and quality of the story.

  • Once the draft is complete it has to be reviewed and approved
  • It typically takes about 3-4 weeks from initial idea to approval of story

Submission Process
Rental customers who have story ideas can:

  • Email Public Relations Manager, Danita Jaipersaud ( with basic information, listed above
  • The submission will be reviewed
  • Skyjack approves submission
  • Public Relations Manager pulls information internally
  • Public Relations Manager drafts the story
  • Rental customer/Skyjack provides more detailed information/feedback to story
  • Rental customer approves story

Worthwhile events or stories include:

  • Partnering with a nonprofit, academia or organization to benefit the community or operators – LouTec
  • Projects that add positive value to customers or local community (contributes to building a better world) – RNLI
  • Project that helps develop people – Supporting Veterans
  • Projects that are internationally or widely known

Releases will be distributed online and print trade publications such as:


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