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POSTED September 12, 2017

Hugg & Hall Equipment: Three decades of success with Skyjack

Linamar Corporation’s (TSX-LNR) Skyjack division is entering the third decade of partnership with Arkansas-based company Hugg & Hall Equipment and the relationship is still going strong. Hugg & Hall recently received their order of several SJIII 4632 and SJIII 4740 electric scissors.

“Skyjack comprises the largest mobile elevating work platform fleet in Hugg & Hall—the machines are extremely simple to work on and easy to fix in the field; their aftermarket support is just amazing,” said Chris DeMoss, rental operations manager at Hugg & Hall Equipment. “Our partnership with Skyjack has been the strongest ever. We feel the company goes into the business the same way as we do. We are both customer-oriented, focusing on providing timely solutions to customers’ problems.”

Currently, Hugg & Hall Equipment carries about 900 Skyjack machines, ranging from telehandlers, electric and rough terrain scissor lifts, and vertical mast lifts to the latest articulating and telescopic booms.

Simply reliable machines
Over the decades, Hugg & Hall has sent Skyjack machines to many of its major jobsites across Arkansas. For example, Hugg & Hall’s Skyjack machines worked on an art project at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas, where they helped install the Fly’s Eye Dome designed by American architect and designer Buckminster Fuller. The 50-ft-wide dome made from glass and fiberglass now sits on a lawn as part of the sculpture garden.

“Skyjack machines are popular among our customers because they are very reliable at jobsites—they have superior battery efficiency and are not easy to break; even if a machine is down, operators can fix it easily to reduce machine downtime—ensuring efficiency and profitability,” said DeMoss.

Skyjack machines also uplifted construction crew to renovate the two stadiums at the University of Arkansas and Arkansas State University. Skyjack lifts were also spotted working at John W. Turk Jr. Coal Plant in Fulton, which provides power to residents in Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas.

“We trust in Skyjack to complete challenging projects because they’re transparent with every issue and they solve problems in a timely manner,” said DeMoss. “Once we had trouble on the warranty repair of a Skyjack machine. Instead of leaving the problem to us, Skyjack got involved immediately and shipped the machine back to the factory for repair. This unique, exceptional service has really built our confidence in the brand.”

Easy to do business with
One of the reasons Hugg & Hall and Skyjack’s partnership continues to grow is because both companies are customer-oriented and both listen carefully to customer needs, according to DeMoss.

“Skyjack is good at dealing with feedback and they’re relatively open to ideas that we propose,” said DeMoss. “Besides service and parts personnel, I have access to talk to some of Skyjack’s high-level executives when necessary and they are usually quick at responding. It really helps expedite the decision making process.”

For example, in the fall of 2015, before Skyjack officially launched its new telehandler series, the company invited rental companies and customers to a road show to listen to their feedback about the new machines.

“We bring challenges to Skyjack’s attention and they take them into account. Together we’re constantly improving our business to better serve customers,” said DeMoss.


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