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Skyjack announces new additions to Vertikal Days display

POSTED May 02, 2022

May 2, 2022; Guelph, Ontario – Linamar Corporation’s (TSX:LNR) Skyjack division has turned their focus to safety at this year’s Vertikal Days in Peterborough, UK with the addition of the brand new XStep and the introduction of the Secondary Guarding Lift Enable (SGLE) feature to the company’s display. Now, in addition to the new SJ12 E/16 E Vertical Masts, the SJ45 AJ+ and SJ60 AJ+ articulating booms, visitors to stand 100 will be able to get a hands-on look at the new XStep and the award nominated SGLE secondary guarding system for scissors and vertical masts.

Through industry research and observations, it was commonplace to see operators standing on railings to gain a little more height to access small areas. For example, standing on the railings to obtain access through suspended ceiling tiles. Using Skyjack’s XStep helps eliminate this dangerous practice and maximizes reach and productivity by providing operators with safe, increased access into and around tight, restricted spaces and avoids the elevated risk of falling from the platform.

The XStep consists of a swing down base with full height railings that in turn is securely mounted on the mid-rails of the scissor lift. The operator can step up (48cm) into the XStep, close the top rail and work safely gaining extra jobsite access. Important in the design has been the ability for one person to install the XStep using no special tools or lifting equipment and to do so in five minutes. It is retrofittable to previous Skyjack DC scissor models and can easily be moved from one scissor to another, increasing a rental company’s fleet flexibility. In summary Skyjack’s Xstep offers:
• All round fall protection.
• Access to controls.
• Simple installation.
• Increased productivity.
• Suitable for the current generation of SJ3215 and SJ3219 DC scissors and can easily be moved between units, further increasing fleet flexibility.

In 2022 industry groups continue to highlight the fact that in some circumstances, conditions, and operations might result in inadvertent contact with obstructions and consequently an entrapment hazard. As a result, a form of secondary guarding is now being requested on scissor lifts and vertical mast lifts by some equipment users. Skyjack recognizes there is no single best solution to help reduce the risk of entrapment and much depends upon a specific jobsite risk assessment to determine the most appropriate solution for any need or application. The development of Skyjack’s Secondary Guarding Lift Enable (SGLE) addresses this issue and helps to reduce these risks.

The simple to use and unobtrusive SGLE provides a robust control box with a shroud to provide additional guarding of controls, reducing the risk of unintended actuation. Two-handed operation is required to lift the machine, maintaining the operator’s body in an upright position and away from the railings, mitigating the risk of entrapment. In summary, Skyjack’s SGLE:
• Promotes correct operator positioning.
• Is tamper resistant.
• Is simple to use and unobtrusive.
• Suitable for Mast, DC, and RT scissors (old and new generation).

SJ12 E / SJ16 E
The new SJ12 E/16 E Vertical Masts feature working heights ranging from 5.65m to 6.75m, fully proportional drive and lift controls, direct AC variable speed electric drive which provides up to 30% duty cycle improvement, improved controllability, and consistent torque, with 70% less hydraulic connections.

In addition, the new inverted telescopic mast incorporates a multi-stage hydraulic cylinder which eliminates chains, cables, and rollers to reduce maintenance. Like the previous generation the mast is located at the rear to provide a totally unrestricted view and excellent maneuverability with a zero inside steering radius. The top of the mast is now in line with the platform rails, which when traversed, provides up to 0.41m up-and-over capability.

On-board diagnostics provide real-time information in plain, simple language readouts and the lift up maintenance hatch offers easy, unrestricted access to all major components and batteries for routine servicing.

The SJ12 E and SJ16 E are one of the first Skyjack products to feature the company’s ECO label offering a 15% operational carbon saving compared to previous models.

SJ45 AJ+ / SJ60 AJ+
The low weight, SJ45 AJ+ and SJ60 AJ+ offer high capacities up to 454kg with three persons. These machines feature SMARTORQUE™ technology, which combines optimised gearing, Skyjack’s AXLDRIVE™, 25hp Kubota engines, and simplified high efficiency hydraulics, to deliver the necessary torque and performance normally found in larger engines.

This eliminates Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), Oxidation Catalyst, and other active exhaust after treatments for Stage V regulations, reducing both maintenance costs and fuel consumption.

These booms also feature EASYDRIVE™, the unique direction sensing drive and steer system. AXLDRIVE™ for superior traction with low maintenance and SKYRISER™ for true vertical rise. The SJ60 AJ+ also includes SPEEDYREACH™ which
offers the speed of a straight boom with the flexibility of an articulating boom.

All Skyjack products feature ELEVATE Live which provides easy access to machine-specific information. For example, emergency lowering procedure, visual pre-check guide, familiarization videos, via a QR code (no app or password required). This can be further enhanced with full ELEVATE telematics and BMS which will provide additional data such as battery charging guide, battery life remaining, active fault codes, etc.

Vertikal Days are held at the East of England Showground, Peterborough, UK from May 11 – 12, 2022

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